These Are The 7 Warning Signs Of Cancer Women Should Not Ignore – Must See

Signs Of Cancer

These Are The 7 Warning Signs Of Cancer Women Should Not Ignore – Must See

Women are encouraged to take pap smear at least one a year to detect early signs of Cervical Cancer. Unfortunately the

procedure of detection and treatment of cancer is very expensive. Most times, suffers are left with huge financial implications in the course of treating themselves and it can also lead to death.

Symptoms are our body’s way of telling us something is wrong and when it comes to Cancer, the more we pay attention to the minutest detail, the better.

There are always warning signs when the body has detected a cancerous growth, here are 7 you should never overlook.

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1. Change in bowel or bladder habit

A change in your bowel or bladder movement habits is one of the indicators that you might need to be checked. Although a change can occur when you change your diet, when you persistently feel you need to relieve yourself even after doing so, then you need to see your doctor as soon as possible.

2. A sore that does not heal

Sores generally should heal within a short time,but when you notice one that has refused to go away, then there may be more to it. If you notice a non-healing sore in your mouth or a persistent red or white patch on your tongue, gum or tonsils, you need to be concerned.

3. Unusual bleeding or discharge

An unusual bleeding from the breast and vagina should raise questions in your mind. When you notice any of these two happening to you or even urination that has blood in it, seek medical advice immediately.

4. Lump or thickening in the bre@st or elsewhere

This is one of the most common symptoms many of us know, but it is wrong to assume a lump in the bre@st is the only culprit. Lumps that appear on your body without explanation need to be checked out as well

5. Indigestion or difficulty in swallowing

If after using medications for sore throat, heartburn and others that work on the throat region and you still feel the soreness, consulting your doctor may be the best thing to do. A test called the upper GI endoscopy should give your doctor an idea of what may be wrong.

6. Obvious change in the colour and size of warts, moles and mouth sores

Multi-coloured moles with irregular edges may be cancerous, so if you spot one, have it checked. Also when a mouth sore remains even after treatment, it might be an indicator of cancer.

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7.Hoarseness and nagging cough

Hoarseness not caused by a respiratory infection or lasts more than a few weeks should be checked. When you also consistently cough especially with blood in it, visit your doctors to find out what may be wrong.

Like we said before, early detection is always key to cancer treatment, so be more vigilante. Your body might be trying to tell you something.