See The Beautiful And Big Home “Castle In The Air”, Regina Daniel’s Son Will Be Spending Some Time (Photos)

See The Beautiful And Big Home “Castle In The Air”, Regina Daniel’s Son Will Be Spending Some Time (Photos)

Regina Daniel’s the most popular young actress that has taken the media by storm since her childhood has shaken the media once again after giving birth to a bouncing baby boy.

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She has been happily married to her beloved husband Ned Nwoko for some time now admits all media backlash and public abuses.

Regina Daniels And Husband Ned

Everyone knows that Regina’s husband is a billionaire. The man is very rich and is a reputable lawyer in the United Kingdom with one of the biggest law firms in the UK as well.

He is also a politician as he is part of the house of representatives. Yes, you can say it again, Mr. Ned is loaded.

Regina has been showered with love and attention from her husband and we can all see how she glows, even her skin tone brightened. Even when she was pregn*nt, she looked more beautiful with her pregn@ncy.

Pregn*nt Regina Daniels

After giving birth to her baby boy, the internet has been thrown into a state of frenzy. Many blog have written stuffs like: names Regina should give her son, 5 reasons why her son will be proud of his mom and etc.

He was born into wealth and Riches. His father, Ned Nwoko has one of the biggest mansions in Asaba which is very popular.

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This very spacious, vast array of land with an enormous Mansion standing within, has been a sight for eyes as its been used as a tourist center.

This Is Where Regina Daniel’s Son Will Now Be Living In With His Step Brothers And Sisters.

Entrance To The Big Mansion Of Ned Nwoko.

Where The Boy Will Live Comfortably.

Sight The Mansion From Afar.

A small ranch is even within this house. Indeed the land is spacious. Regina’s son will ride horses till he is tired.

Green land Beautiful.

Swimming pool big enough for many.

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Beautiful sight. Closer view of the house exterior.

Side view

A little interior view of what is inside the house.

Regina’s son will indeed be loving large in this beautiful Mansion.