Prophet Tb Joshua Cures Man With Persistent Erection After Sleeping With A Prost*tute (See Photos)


This young man learnt the hard way that patronizing prosti*utes is not a child of God’s way. Ironically, it was after he went to church with his father, later that day, he went out to meet a prostitute.

When he got home that evening, his erection remained. As a result, he could hardly stand or move, even sitting was difficult.

Sunday was forced to explain his plight to his father who took him to the doctors who could only recommend an operation. They declined and continued making efforts to solve his excruciatingly painful problem.

Sunday became housebound for five months because of the permanent erection! His father, a reputable man in Ondo state, recalled that a man had visited The SCOAN with the same problem and was healed and so, he brought his son.

When Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for Sunday, his whole body began to shake. After the prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua told him to urinate. As Sunday urinated, the pain and poisonous substances left his body. Now, the erection has gone and he is able to live a normal life.

Sunday Akinrinwa advised youth that they should not fornicate or commit adultery but rather commit their ways to God.