Lai Mohammed Exposes Shocking Reasons Why He Will Never Eat Nor Drink Water Again Until President Buhari Returns (MUST READ)

Osun Rerun: Stop Ranting, You Are Free To Withdraw – Lai Mohammed Tells PDP

Unconfirmed report reaching our news desk, has revealed that the Information and Culture Minister, Lai Mohammed, has vowed to go on hunger strike, until President Muhammadu Buhari returns back to Nigeria, alive.

According to the report, the Minister made the shocking statement on Tuesday, upon the arrival of the wife of the of the President, Aisha Buhari, to Abuja, after visiting her husband in London.
The report quoted some sources that said that: “Lai Mohammed is one of the most loyal members of Buhari’s cabinet, who has decided not to allow the Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo, succeed Buhari, in case of eventualities.”

The statement added: “The Minister has told us that he will not eat or drink, until Buhari returns alive.”

Recal,l that Lai Mohammed had recently, suffered backlash from the public, when he said that Osinbajo may not sign the 2017 budget, pending the arrival of Buhari from London.

Reacting to a question on whether the budget will be signed by Osinbajo or taken to President Muhammadu Buhari in London, the Minister had said: “When it (the budget) is transmitted to the Presidency, that decision (on who to sign) will be taken.”

He had also said that Buhari is patronizing made in Nigeria drugs, despite been admitted in London Hospital.

At the time of filing in this report, was not able to get through to Lai Mohammed, or any of this Aides, to ascertain when and if the “hunger strike statement was made by him, or not.”