Face Of The Pregn@nt Lady Who Was Thrown Out From The 5th Floor Apartment By Her Boyfriend In Anambra State (Photos)


Face Of The Pregn@nt Lady Who Was Thrown Out From The 5th Floor Apartment By Her B0yfriend In Anambra State (Photos)

Few days ago we brought you a report that corpse of a young lady was found in a building on 16/1/2020 at obosi street Onitsha South local government in Anambra State.

The girl was identified as a young lady living at the 5th floor of the next yard of the building. Read the news HERE

A lady has taken to Facebook to give update on the incident. See below;

Chinaza Joseph wrote..

This is what happened…

The man is from Nsukka but lives in Onitsha, he impregn@ted his sales girl from abia state…the family of the girl forced him to marry her.

So on Wednesday night,after she finished cooking she went down stairs to call him to come eat.

He went up and they started having misunderstanding… The girl is 8mnths pregn@nt.

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He beat her to death and to avoid traces,he threw her body from the 5th floor to another building close to them.

He called his in-laws and told them the girl is missing to cover up.

But he never knew some neighbours overheard them while quarrelling and someone saw when the girl fell .

So they raised alarm….they went upstairs and saw him smoking cigarette.

They have to call the police.

He killed an innocent pregn@nt wife and threw her down…God go punish him.




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