I Will Stay In The North Even If Biafra Secede From Nigeria – Igbo Man Declares, Says Hausas Are Good People

An Igbo man has declared his love for the North – Uchenna Obidike from Njikoka community of Anambra state says he will not leave the North even if Igbo secede from Nigeria

He said all the agitation is unnecessary Along the ever busy Yahaya Madaki way, opposite to the popular NIV internet Cafe in Katsina, the state capital city lies a timber market occupied by some peaceful Nigerians of Igbo extraction. Like any other market, one will easily observe economic activities going on with customers and pick up vans transporting timbers in and out of the compound.

During a chat with the Chairman of the marketers association (Igbo Timber Shade Association) who simply identified himself as Uchenna Obidike from Njikoka community of Anambra state, he told reporters that he has been in Katsina for over 30 years.

He further informed news reporters that there are over 10 big shades of timber owned by different people in the marker and with over 30 servants (boys) whom came from Anambra and are working under them. He also stated that the shade also provides job opportunities to some indigenous people of Katsina where they work as labourers. On their part, the indigenous labourers informed us that they live peacefully with them and enjoy it.

The chairman of the Labourers, Muhammadu Sani informed us that the Igbos are generous and peace loving. “The never cheated us. They always treats us with dignity and respect,” he said.

When news reporter asked of his thoughts about Biafra, Mr. Uchenna Obidike stated that Katsina is a peaceful place and he will love to remain here even if Biafra secede.

He said that first of all the agitation is unnecessary and attributed those propagating it as some people that did not travelled far and wide of Nigeria.

According to him: “I can not go back to my community because this is where I earns my living. I can not make half of the money I am making here in the east because the market there is saturated. I will love to stay here as Katsina is a peaceful state.”

He listed some of the challenges they encountered to include lack of patronage from people as some still prefer to go to the other timber market to buy from fellow Hausa men and the fact that majority of their buyers buys on credit.

He also listed among other things lack of government support and multiple taxation.


When asked about his prayers, he pleaded with the Katsina state government to help them with land because the land rent they are paying is very expensive.
We reported that the President of the Igbo Market Amalgamated Traders Union, Mr. Egonu Athanasius has disclosed that some of the Union’s people have started moving their families back home to the south-south and other state in the federation as a result of the quit notice issued by the Coalition of Northern Youths.