”I Dated Him For 6 Years, Paid His Fees.. Next Week, He’s Marrying My Best Friend” – Lady Shares Her Story


”I Dated Him For 6 Years, Paid His Fees.. Next Week, He’s Marrying My Best Friend” – Lady Shares Her Story

I dated him for 6 years: Recall last week, we shared a story about a guy who dated his girl for 8 solid years, never had s*xu@l relations with her but eventually got dumped after she was done with her MSc programme. If you missed it, Read Here).

Well, today’s story might just make you CRY.. Literally. This story is saddening, saddening because the lady in question may or may not be able to conceive again.

Saddening because, some men are truly sc*m and also, because a lover was not only fooled but a close friend was used to fill the gap. Life!

Unlike last week’s story, this came directly from the horse’s mouth. According to her, she summoned the courage to tell her story after she read about the guy whose girl left immediately she rounded up her MSc.

And like always, I’d try to summarise this as much as I can. We will replace the girl’s name with Ms. Jane the guy’s as Mr. J.

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Sit back, relax and read through….

In the year 2009, Ms. J who resides in Abuja, rounded up her Secondary School studies and like many other Nigerian fresh high school graduates, she attempted JAMB. (For readers who aren’t familiar with our great country’s education system, Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) is a Nigerian entrance examination board for tertiary-level institutions. The board conducts entrance examinations for prospective undergraduates into Nigerian universities.

Of course, she was a very smart girl, so she passed with a good score (297 to be precise) and luckily for her, she was shortlisted for PUME (An examination conducted by Universities to further screen candidates). Fast forward to her journey to the West, she was to stay with her aunt for her PUME and like every concerned Nigerian parents, they had instructed her aunt (father’s youngest sister) to make sure she read thoroughly for her PUME which was suppose to hold in few days.

But truly, they didn’t even need to go that far, because she was a “serious-bookworm”, a bookworm who intentionally bereft herself from the pleasures of “hanging out or making friends” but made sure her books followed her wherever she went to! In fact, she was the Library prefect in her Secondary School days (I forgot to chip that in, earlier.)

Few days after flying into town, it was time for her to yet again make her family proud. Her aunt drove her to the University…. It was the University for the big boys and girls. The University where things happen.. The University where “all dem ladies” loved packaging themselves. She went in for her PUME and came out with smiles. She knew she had worked her usual magic and was very certain her first attempt into University was a done-deal.


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