Heavy Tension In Sokoto As Sultan Abubakar Delivers Strong Message To Pro-Biafra Agitators, Makes The Most Powerful Decision That Shocks The Entire Universe

Sultan Abubakar urges all Nigerians to retrace their steps and find ways to sort things out – He urges respect among all citizens and asked elders to caution the youth when they go wrong

He noted that God made the nation the way it is for a reason and asked Nigerians to accept that and learn to live in peace Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar, the Sultan of Sokoto, is calling for dialogue as the solution to the agitation for the breakup of Nigeria.

According to reports, the monarch maintained that Nigeria would remain united no matter what. Sultan Abubakar made his comments at his palace in Sokoto when he hosted leaders of resident communities, heads of security agencies, civil society groups and media practitioners to a dinner to break the Ramadan fast.

He stated: “No matter what anybody can say, no matter what is happening, we are still one big family. “Let’s sit down, discuss these issues. So that together we can find out what really went wrong. Let us retrace our step and see where we started getting things wrong so that we can find the way of sorting things out.

“It is a simple thing because we are all eager to live in peace, united and to have a morally upright country based on justice, equity and above all fear of God “I am totally disappointed over what is happening.

I like challenges and we are in a challenging period and we will take it up. We will continue preaching love, impartiality, respect and unity in the country.” The sultan called on the nation’s elders to caution their youths and urged Nigerians to respect each other and shun suspicion.

He said: “If you see your son misbehaving and decides to keep quit it means you are supporting him because no father want to see his son going astray without doing anything.” According to the monarch, God did not make a mistake by, “creating us as Nigerians”.

He added that as men of faith, Nigerians should accept God’s decision and live in peace with one another. In his words: “We don’t have to resort to uncomplimentary remarks or violence to make our demands heard because insecurity doesn’t help anybody. No violence pays anybody or resolves any problem.

“We should stop looking down on others unless we want to lift them up. We should understand ourselves and respect one another.”

Symington said: “The US is happy with the role the sultan is playing in ensuring sustainable peace and unity in Nigeria, and even beyond. ”The sultan is a father to all Nigerians and he is worthy of emulation by all Nigerians and non-Nigerians alike.”



10 Comments on Heavy Tension In Sokoto As Sultan Abubakar Delivers Strong Message To Pro-Biafra Agitators, Makes The Most Powerful Decision That Shocks The Entire Universe

  1. GOD forbid he is not my father ,he can be a father to some governors that addresses him as such ,peace! ,what was his quoted statement when fulani herdmen ,boko haram ,and other terrorist group were destroying the so called one nigeria ? secondly nigeria is not created by GOD it was by a mere common man called fedrick lugard ,and he is not GOD ,not even god. divide nigeria to save the looming danger , BIAFRA all the way .

  2. Thank you Sultan Abubakar. God bless you with His best blessing & Gift 4 humanity. May I say here that the fathers, community and religion leaders should give godly advices to our youths and people in the secrets, and stand for it as well. For it’s best. Than saying the best in public and doing damages in the secrets. God bless Nigeria!

  3. Thank you sir, the sultan Abubakar. May the Almighty God bless u with His best blessing and precious gift for humanity. May I say here, that, the fathers, communities and religions’ leaders should in the secrets gives godly advices to their youths and people, than in the public. And doing damage in the secrets. God bless Nigeria!

  4. that’s right Bro…. evil action champion by monsters disguising themselves as masters of peace…. rather desolation follows them like shadow…..
    REDEMPTION is all we seek… a passage way through the red sea… it’s not gonna be easy… but with God… BIAFRA ALL THE WAY LONG.. God is with US…… AMEN

  5. All we need is biafra we ar seek nd tired of nigeria, let biafra go it’s nt a big deal if nigeria divide, they ar nt 1st country dat is doing so, so d best tin 4 d sake of peace let biafra go.

  6. Never,never and never will a sultan sitting in one nonsensical palace say he is my father, father of who for your information I know my father and my father knowns me was it not is fore fathers that forcefully want to take Yoruba land through a useless jihad, look he may be a father to boko harams,to the Fulani herdsmen, but certainly not me am a true son of ODUDUWA.

  7. Point of correction, God did not join us together. It was an arrangement between the British and the northerners as settlement. This is what it resulted to… hatred, marginalisation, born to rule, intimidatiom in low and high places. No atom of preach will solve this. All we need is BIAFRA!

  8. God did not create us as Nigerians the British did and the last time I checked they are not God. they did for their selfish reasons and not for our collective gains so now it is so obvious that their creation is not working.

  9. Nice speech but too late, gonna are those days we keep mute & believe things will turn around
    The more we r trying to accept the fact the more is getting worst. Looting maming uncontrollable murder from those so call brothers that acquired the northern side, pls help me to tell him that we personally don’t need their one Nigeria. Wht do we gain from it? Noting!!!!!!! We r emerged by lugardian contraptions. We wanna go home, tanks

  10. The Father of all is right. He is also my father and speaks the truth. But I had expected him to live by example. How did he caution those his children when they were blowing up churches and markets of the Christian communities in the name of boko haram and and later subsided to give credit to their kinsman and now masquerade as Fulani Herdsmen to accomplish the extermination of the igbos and Christins so that they will take possession of our farmland and oil for themselves and their cattle? So they don’t need caution? If we must live together, we must discuss how. Everybody must control his domain and it Fulani herdsmen must carry A.K. 47 in defense against armless animals in the forest, the christian communities must also be allowed to carry weapons in self-defense against the Fulani herdsmen that are more dangerous and life threatening than the wild beasts of prey. If he is calling for dialogue he should mandate his children in aso rock to call for sovereign National Conference and not telling the people to engage in dialogue only on pages of newspapers that are never heeded to.

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