Handover All Oil Blocs Owned By Northerners To Us, As Niger Delta Militants Warns Northerners To Leave Within 90 Days

The declaration issued by a northern group by name Arewa youths, have sparked up so many actions and reactions, as the Niger Delta militants are the latest to voice their opinion and course of action in response to the threat.

In a joint statement released on Friday, the coalition of Niger Delta militants also said they will declare the independence of the region on October 1. “A coalition of the Niger Delta militants met today in Port Harcourt to review the recent call by the Arewa Youths groups that the Ndigbo should vacate all the Northern states within three months,” it reads.

“We see the declaration by Arewa Youths as a declaration which the northern elders, leaders, political elite, security heads from the North and governors were fully aware of . We demand 100% control of our resources.

We demand that the FG should hand over all oil blocs owned by northerners to Niger Delta indigenes. All the companies operating in such oil blocs/wells should vacate within three months.

The FG should immediately relocate NNPC and all the offices that have to do with oil/gas sector back to Niger Delta states and immediately replace the Group Managing Director with an indigene of Niger Delta.

All northern indigenes working in NNPC and any other board that has anything to do with oil/gas should be sacked with immediate effect. We demand an independent and sovereign Republic of Niger Delta. .

Our money has been used to fund Boko Haram, a problem created by the Northerners in order to use it as conduit pipe to siphon the resources of Niger Delta. On October 1, 2017 we shall declare our independence come rain, come shine.

We shall take our destiny in our hands and free ourselves from the slavery of the North as they are tired of one Nigeria. From October 1, 2017, we don’t want to see any northerner close to (the) Niger Delta; any attempt to penetrate shall meet fierce resistance. This time, we are not going to play defence, but attack.”

This has caused panic an unease as the northerners in the region are feeling unsafe and fear for their life with many thinking of migrating already.

Credit: Thecable