Five Foods That Makes You Last Longer In B*d

Last Longer

Five Foods That Makes You Last Longer In B*d

If you are suffering from actual prem@ture ej@cul*tion, it’s well past time to do something about it.

Last longer and boost satisfaction with these simple diet additions.

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S*x is the moment in which you seek to please and satisfy the couple, however, problems such as pre.m@ture ej@cul@tion can cause the moment of org*sm to arrive hastily without that the man has greater control over the s*xu@l act. brings you 5 foods that makes you last longer.

1. Banana

Bananas help replenish low levels of glucose in your body and have male lib!d0 enhancing minerals and enzymes making you ready for a steamy night of passion.

2. Egg

The egg is the same as red meat: they are a potent source of cholesterol and your yolk produces vitamin D: the kick you need to regulate calcium levels and produce higher levels of testosterone because they help muscle growth.

3. Apples

It promotes circulation. Prost@titis is the inflammation of the prostate gland. It sometimes causes testicular discomfort and pain with ej@cul@tion.

4. Meat

Beef, chicken, and pork contain carnitine, L-arginine, and zinc. Carnitine and L-arginine are amino acids that improve blood flow hence boost s*x stamina.

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5. Red wine

Having just one glass of red wine will help boost your s*x life, as it helps release dopamine in your brain.