BREAKING: DSS Sends Final Deadly Threat Message To Northern Youths, Igbos, And Niger Delta Thugs Over 3 Months Ultimatum Riots

The Department of State Security Services, DSS, has finally spoken out on the 3 months ultimatum issued by a coalition of Northern youths to the Igbos, to evacuate the North, or face massive massacre.

Recall, that the DSS had been criticised by Nigerians nationwide, for failing to comment on, and act upon the threat to the Igbos living in the Northern part of the country, two weeks ago, being the security body that has the “statutory mandate of ensuring the internal security of the country.”

However, on Sunday, in a statement distributed by PR Nigeria, on behalf of the SSS, the agency said: “It has watched with keen interest, the disturbing trend desperate and mischievous elements have tended to steer the ship of our nationhood to calamity and irretrievable destruction.”

The DSS noted that, it is aware of the threat against the Igbos in the North, as well as similar ones by other ethnic chauvinists.

The agency further stated that: “It will stop at nothing to deploy all resources at its disposal to identify, and deal with all those culpable, as well as maintain peace and order, in every length and breadth of the nation.”