+!8 – PLS Help Me!! My Landlord’s 16year Old Girl Is A S3x Monster {Must See}

I became angry at the way she acted so I decided to punish her with my d*ck, I inserted the full length of my c@ck inside as her p*ssy as I saw her eyes pop out and her hands clenched the bedsheet, I decided not to put any atom of emotions as I began to move my hips slowly then faster, both hands placed on the b3d while my h!ps slammed her p*ssy, all she ever m0aned was And the more she m0aned those words the more I increased my propencity, whining my wa!st and making sure I scrub all corners of her p*ssy while, I raised her l3gs and pressed it against her shoulder and then began to fVck her h@rd and firm, but Morenike instead of m0aning in pain this time awed me as she moved her w@ist from under so fast to meet my h@rd str0kes, she did that so skillfull as she used to grab my bvtt and pressed me against her p*ssy.

It seemed like the harder I fvcked her, the more I was bringing out the real Morenike, Her eyes changed and she pushed me off her b0dy, I wondered where the strength came from, acting like a person been possesed by another spirit, she rushed and cl!mbed me, using her hand to grab my d*ck and removed the c0nd0m so fast and in the next second inserted my c@ck into her very w3t and slippery cvnt and then began to hvmp on it, squatting as she svcked my n!pples and then rolled her w@ist,

she would use her h!ps to remove my d*ck and when it gets only to the cap of my c@ck, she would then stop and just wh!ne her w@ist and squeezed her p*ssy so tight that I felt her cvnt grip my d*ck and then she began to twist on that, the sensation was so out of the world for both of us, as she closed her eyes and used her teeth to bite her l!ps in a very sedvctive way, slowly again she would begin to take the full length deep into her p*ssy and when she reaches the base of my c@ck, she would m0an and svck my n!pples.

I saw every cause to call Morenike the “Iron bender” as she artfully fvcked me, she jammed her whole body all over my long d*ck that I became scared it might hurt her internally but rather those hard and painful thrvst gave her joy, when she was about to come is when I enjoyed Morenike the more, she began to flap her th!ghs, in an open and close motion and the grip from her p*ssy made me cvm so hard that Morenike jumped out, grabbed my d*ck and began to l!ck the tr!ckles of sp3rm that dr00led out of my c@ck, she l!cked my d*ck clean as she looked at me smiling, while I laid back gasping for breath, she stood up, wore her cl0thes and left my room

My thighs were all worn out from the heavy bout of marathon s3x I had with Morenike, later that evening at the tap as I went to fetch water, I didn’t see Morenike or any of her sisters at the tap which was quite unusual but I ignored that fact and continued to fetch my water, until I noticed a presence then a shadow , as I turned and bumped into Sikiratu

ME: Aaah! Sikiratu why do you wan to scare me
SIKIRATU: Sorry o broda, E ma binu, I wanted to come and collect your phone ni, what you have done to Morenike me I like am sugar
I wondered at how news travel in this small compound, I knew not giving Sikiratu my number would spell doom for me, so to save myself I asked for her number instead and she began to happily call it
SIKIRATU: siro eit siro……….
I took her number and promised to call her, just as she left Tunde appeared out of no where as he was smiling with a big grin and then said

TUNDE: I talk am say you na bad guy, when Sikiratu dey doubt you, na me tell am say you na my guy and for bedmatics say you no fit fvckup, you just settle down arrange Morenike then scatter her w@ist
I decided to caution Tunde for I know his unguarded mouth could put both himself and I in trouble
ME: Shutup! wetin dey worry you sef! your own na to do aproko from morning reach night
He acted as if he was shocked from my words of anger
TUNDE: Dis one you dey para like this make I comot jare, I know say you no like as I hail for work wey you finish today
I carried my bucket angrily and walked into my house, as I settled down to watch the nine O’clock news, the NEPA in their normal took the light and the compound went into darkness with the voice of Tunde heard outside as he cursed the NEPA staffs

TUNDE: NEPA na thunder go fire una aswear
I stood up from the chair and lit the candle by the dinning table and made for my room when I heard a very light knock on my door, whoever that was knocked like someone who was afraid, so I tiptoed with candle in my hand and a bunch of broom in the other hand, as I opened the door and here was Mama Sikiratu, fear gripped me to my bones, guessing in my mind if she was here to confront me for what I did to her daughter, I greeted her
ME: Good evening ma
MAMA SIKIRATU: Lower your voice o, I have seen your handiwork with my daughter o!
I almost fainted in shock as I began to apologise immediately
ME: Mama Sikiratu is not what you think o, let me explain how it happened
She cuts in

MAMA SIKIRATU: This one your collecting her number in the dark, if I give any of my pikins belle, I will lock you for cell o, panti ni

I heaved a sign of relief, if she had not cut me short, I would have exposed my little secret, so I apologised and she turned to leave but after throwing few steps Mama Sikiratu turned again and said
MAMA SIKIRATU: But wait oh! Am I not having the things you like in woman? is this not better Ikebe, Oni idi nla {touching her @ss} see If you take me inside your house, I will display for you and you will understand why am popular as “Iron bender”

Mama Sikiratu began to drag my door with me to gain entrance.